Realising your Online Potential

Captivate is an end to end consultancy helping businesses realise their eCommerce potential.

Our approach is different. We work with you to understand your business, your customers, and your key challenges.

We live in your shoes and examine your business from top to bottom, from online presence and marketing, to the customer experience and service.

Then, we deliver and implement your master plan.

Who We Are

So, who are Anna & Jen?  We are the co-founders of Captivate. Together we have 40 years’ experience within the eCommerce and marketing world. We are passionate about our ultimate goal; bringing brilliance to our clients.

Anna, having started her career in PR, she moved to Australia and fell in love with a country and its people. Working as a “suit” in the most creative and respected advertising agency of its time, Publicis Mojo, she worked on some of the biggest brands in the world. Leaving a successful advertising and events career, she then setup and sold multiple online businesses. Most recently Anna was responsible for the smooth and successful running of Flowers Made Easy which she brought to market and sold in January 2020. This is where Anna developed her craft, enthusiasm and in-depth experience for eCommerce.

Jen has over 20 years Marketing experience in Financial Services. She worked her way from the bottom up managing communication campaigns across all sectors, running an Enterprise Programme for SMEs and leading an Events and Sponsorship’s team for the Corporate and Treasury department. Throughout Jen’s career she has had a clear passion to continuously improve the customer experience and bring the brand to life both on and off line.

The others…. working with us are an endless pool of experts; incredible graphic, UX and brand designers, the best platform developers, product and brand photographers, SEO & PPC geniuses.

We cannot wait to bring together our expertise and experience to your business, so why not say hello.

What We Do

It’s pretty simple. We examine your online business, fix all the flaws, and seize the marketing opportunities.

What do we offer?

Every online business has it’s own fingerprint, so we understand that all needs are different. We take the time to get to know your business inside out and then apply exactly what’s needed to deliver scalable and profitable growth for your company.

Technically, we offer the services listed below. More importantly, we know exactly which of these services you’ll need. We know how to implement them, and we do it all for you. We examine and perfect your customer journey from start to finish, as well as every journey your business takes ‘behind the scenes’.  Then we ensure that it all aligns neatly to run like a well-oiled machine, while continuously promoting itself online.

Check out our services page.

eCommerce/Online Strategy | eCommerce Website design | Operational Process Audits & Review | Customer Journey Mapping & User Interaction Design | Content Creation & Management | Product Photography & Management | Online Merchandising | Digital Marketing Strategy | Payments | Order Management & Fulfilment | Customer Service Strategy and Setup | Retention & Loyalty | CRM Strategy | Omni Channel Strategy & Implementation



As we know, the world of eCommerce is ever-changing. Our team of experts will set up and implement all the tools you need to stay on top of transactions, data, deliveries and more.

Literally, no more headaches!


 Our Marketing specialists will conduct a full examination of the business and put together a package bespoke to your business.  

 Customer Focused 

It’s crucial to take a comprehensive look at the customer experience from start to finish. Our team will make sure no part of that journey slips through the net. So, you’ll always have the peace of mind to know your customers are satisfied.


We’ll implement a clear and concise strategy tailored to your business.


Whether it’s user experience (UX), your own experience, tidying up the system itself, or just the way the home page looks, our team will get it done.

Lets Catch Up

We can meet you virtually or if you fancy a coffee and a walk we would be delighted to meet you face to face.

Whatever works for you.

Call Us: 086 864 4741 / 087 131 2562

eMail us: hello (at)

Anna & Jen